How to Spot Inexperience or Fake SEO Experts

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be challenging for many companies and businesses. Even if you employ SEO professionals or agencies, who have experience in doing Search Engine Optimization campaigns, search engines like Google, regularly change their algorithm and keeping everyone in the dark about the factors that can affect site rankings.

So, before you search for the best SEO company online, you need to make sure you know everything about SEO, to avoid being duped by fraudulent Search Engine Optimization “experts.” Here are some common lies you have to watch out for.

“I know search engine algorithms”

The only people that know how the Google algorithm works are the people working at Google, their programmers to be specific. Google has at least a hundred ranking factors when talking about Search Engine Optimization, and there is no way one person can know or master every last one of them (maybe, just maybe, programmers from Google knows them all. That’s their job, after all).

Google always gives tips here and there, but it is up to Search Engine Optimization professionals to figure out the rest by researching what affects site ranking, and of course, you need to do trial and error to know which one is effective and which one is not.

Also, you need to remember that Google is always adjusting and updating their algorithm, so you always to check whether the techniques you have learned is still useful in making your site get a higher ranking. Google’s RankBrain, their new ranking factor AI or artificial intelligence, that was implemented last year.

People didn’t know that the AI was already in effect a few months before they told the public about it. Search Engine Optimization professionals did not have a clue about it, and it is now considered as one of the top-ranking factors of Google.

“I can help any business or industry rank higher in search engines.”

Understanding what the consumer’s intent is one of the essential characteristics of a successful and effective Search Engine Optimization campaign. It will vary from industry to industry. An effective Search Engine Optimization campaign should have a good insight into your niche as well as what your viewer’s needs if the professionals you hire are going to help your website rank for the most relevant search terms.

Unless you can spend a lot of money for a Search Engine Optimization campaign, a successful SEO professional needs to identify long tail keywords are most active and focus on them. Finding these keywords requires industry experience, knowledge, and luck.

“Search Engine Optimization is all you need”

Search Engine Optimization is what most website owners should take advantage of if you want to have a successful business. In today’s digital age, it is one of the most effective ways to attract customers and reach out to them. Most successful companies and businesses use a combination of channels like content marketing, advertising, and social media marketing.

Research shows that these three works perfectly well when used in a Search Engine Optimization campaign together. For example, creating quality and unique content is an excellent way to improve Search Engine Optimization.

SEO professionals who use PPC or pay-per-click advertisements can use the date they gathered using keyword research, to inform their Search Engine Optimization efforts as well as see if their CTR or click-through-rates are getting a lift in organic searches.

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“More links, higher rank.”

Google has been penalizing websites that use unnatural linking methods, but let’s face it, backlinks are still a big thing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. But today, Google is keeping a close eye on what links are being pointed at your site.

If you are working with a Search Engine Optimization professional, make sure that they understand that you need to garner high quality, legitimate and high authority backlinks. You need to ask for specifics about how they will do link building.

Those SEO professionals who still think that “the more link you create, the better” could end up hurting your business or your website that help you achieve good search engine rankings. You need to stay away from “experts” who don’t know how the latest Google algorithm works.

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Ecom Success Academy Review: A Look into E-Commerce and Technology

The last five years was the biggest in the history of internet marketing and e-commerce business. Not only people are starting to be very interested in participating, but e-commerce also recorded the highest recorded sales in the past decade. According to eMarketer, China recorded the highest sales in 2016, with $900 billion all from e-commerce stores, online or offline.

The United States comes in second with over $423 billion in sales. If you combine every e-commerce sales revenue all over the world, it will amount to almost $2 trillion in 2016. It will only grow as technology improves every year. Thanks to the improvement on the internet, or the technology in general, e-commerce is becoming one of the fastest growing industry in the world today.

Far from what it was ten years ago, the internet is turning e-commerce as the pinnacle of modern-day marketing and retailing. The big question is, “How does technology help the e-commerce industry?” There are courses you can find on the internet like ecom success academy review, where you can learn about internet marketing, sourcing products, and using social media in e-commerce.

Redefining the consumer’s shopping experience

E-commerce’s biggest competitor is the traditional retail outlet. When it comes to the shopping experience, walking into a retail store and talking with the sales person is still two steps ahead over e-commerce, but not for long. The advancement of virtual and augmented technologies has given e-commerce vendors a platform to sell their products in impressive details that you can compare with real-life experience.

The prospect for e-commerce is very high. The year 2016 has been perfect for the industry; we saw Shopify and eBay together with Myer, debut virtual reality option. Shopify released their virtual reality application, and eBay created a full virtual reality store. Beyond internet marketing, virtual reality and augmented reality integration can let the user visualize themselves using the product sold on an e-commerce store, and provide a unique way to engage with their customers.

(To know more about Shopify and eBay merger, visit

Making selling as enjoyable and comfortable as buying

The traditional value of e-commerce in the industry always has been the shopping experience from the customer or the buyer’s point of view. Not only that, aside from promoting the buyers, technology is to give the seller an advantage. Easy access to faster communication, logistic processing, transfer of information and online networking enabled for remote orchestration of different e-commerce platforms.

Product sellers don’t need to micromanage all the aspects of e-commerce business. The seller can also possess a much bigger start-up capital associated with the industry in the past. You can reduce micromanaging in e-commerce by putting workflow pipelines and expanding all the communication avenues. It is much easier to communicate with the possible buyer. It is the reason why drop shipping models in e-commerce have garnered a lot of following and starting to get successful.

For the heavyweight in the industry like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba, it is a case of advancement in robotics and android. Amazon has deployed its Kiva robots to their selected warehouses. According to the Deutsche Bank, the move by Amazon created savings of at least $20 million. The bank predicts that Amazon can save at least $800 million if they increase the deployment of their Kiva robots in all of their warehouses.

Easy Payment Processing

If there’s something that makes e-commerce very enticing to the consumers is the issue if of processing payments by the buyers. It is either too expensive or too hard to incorporate a payment system, capable of processing all the orders all over the world. However, for the past few years, the creation and adaptation of alternative payment systems like electronic wallet or e-wallet and gift cards have made everything very easy.

( Click here to know more about different kinds of payment processing or method. )

With the entry of other payment solutions like crypto-currencies, we might see the elimination of e-commerce’s payment limitations. The ability to pay through certain blockchains will eliminate the middlemen, allowing businesses and customers alike to have more control with their business. They can use these technologies to bill the buyers directly, making the payment process more accessible and more efficient, expediting the time it takes for the seller to receive the payment from the buyer.


E-commerce has come a long way since it started in the late 70’s. During that time, e-commerce is an almost nonexistent business model. But today, it is one of the most frequent business practices used in this modern era. Because of advanced technology like virtual reality, augmented reality, biometrics, and artificial intelligence, e-commerce will only continue to thrive, grow and improve.

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Benefits of Digital Transformation That You Can Use With Yext Alternatives

Nowadays, digital transformation has become anessential strategic part for many businesses all across the globe. You should have in mind that it is evident that most companies that operate in global industrial markets will need a transformation to reduce the hassle.

For these organizations, the transformation is not only about technology; it is about evolving and changing business practices that were efficient in the previous century, by creating advantage and innovation so that you can survive in the economy that functions through digital data.

Apart from standard software, it is best to check top alternatives to Yext so that you can determine which one is the best for your specific needs.

The main idea of your business is to increase profitability, customer satisfaction, security, environmental stewardship,and operational efficiency so that you can digitally transform your business much faster than your competitors can.

You can easily use it to create new business models so that you can achieve margin-boosting optimization, mainly if your company is focusing on and counting on data. Therefore, the most important advantages that you will get with this digital transformation are

  • You will increase the profitabilityof new market segments and opportunities by using direct channels, which is a much more convenient solution than before.
  • You will be able to optimize your assets through highly automatedmanagement of resources, infrastructure,and
  • You will increase the satisfaction as well as retention by engaging customers with services and products so that you can find them when they need them. If you want to learn more about digital transformation, you should click here.
  • You will have operational responsiveness and flexibility that will improve the speed, agility,and accuracy of your decision-making.
  • You can protect your physical equipment sales by adding aftermarket values to your existing customers and clients.

Data Is the Key,but It Is Everywhere

When it comes to digital transformation, you can rest assured because there is no way to achieve a lack of data. Since large industrial companies have a long history of collecting data both manually and through different systems, due to emerging of the latest technology, you do not have to keep them in basements or silos.

You will be able to digitalize your data so that you can access it anywhere and anytime without any additional hassle. It does not matter if you use interconnected devices, equipment,and systems, because this particular software will generate all data and collect it in real-time.

Check this website: to learn more about digital transformation and its history.

Even though this is a common thing, many industrial companies are struggling to implement digital transformation due to the complexity, volume,and speed of the data. Since the overwhelming ideas, the value will be limited, delayed and some companies will not realize it at all.

In some areas, pilot projects that feature data will resemble traditional application upgrades, while it will take years to digitalize everything per your convenience and preferences.

These struggles are common due to a combination of data and the company’s assumptions that feature analytics engines, algorithms,and data lakes. However, this is the rare case, and you will be able to enjoy because by digitalizing your data, you will reduce storage space, and you will be able to access it wherever you are with a few clicks.

Knowledge Is Important For Data

The most vital competency is human expertise, but in most cases, people neglect it during the digital transformation. Have in mind that human knowledge will increase the value of your data and at the same time, it will ensure that everything goes smoothly, promptly and continually.

It will do it by determining what each data means by answering on simple questions such as: how, when, where and why. In overall, human expertise will optimize the value of transformation, which will ultimately ensure the speed and accuracy of the execution.

By creating an essential context, you will be able to enable companies so that you can increase the insight to achieve process efficiency, performance, profitability,and safety. However, this particular factor is in most cases hidden and locked up since the knowledge is stranded, so you will be able to use it again with digital transformation.

Tribal Knowledge Will Confound

When we analyze thing that happened decades ago,andif youapply that knowledge in this particular moment, most industries would profit from it. New training, technologies,andeducational methods, as well as work tools and system, have been used with the idea to capture and transfer best practices and tribal knowledge from individuals to organizations.

Since the numerous internal initiatives have died on the vine after being funded, which means that most industries are trying to find the idea of tribal knowledge so that they can improve? However, when you catch yourself between the principle of the perceived prospect of compromising job security and organizational expertise, you will struggle to progress.

The best way to see what tribal knowledge is by clicking here.

Today, we have numerous experienced individuals that will provide you wide array of subject matter expertise in large organizations, and they are reaching old and retirement age. That is the main reason why industry and businesses are losing the collective knowledge and experience, which reduces their ability to compete in these markets.

This Knowledge Exists In Digital Transformation

Apart from dealing with tribal knowledge and its challenges that will stand the test of time, most companies nowadays have a history of leaving actionable information in their sources and data. This trend will continue even though we have unlimited access to the data.

If you want to learn how knowledge goes hand-in-hand with data transformation, you should check this link:

Since knowledge remains trapped in these sources, it will continue down there and rarely used, which means that it represents a passive knowledge base when compared with other types of knowledge in digital transformation.

Most companies will mix these data in unstructured and structured formats that include audio, photographs, paper-based work orders, spreadsheets, reports, emails, streaming videos, maintenance logs, industry-specific standards, confidence rating and many more.

At the very end, it is important to notice that data is everywhere, but the knowledge is hidden, and if you cannot access, identify, share or contextualize this expertise, which is their intellectual property, they will have limited digital transformation.


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Boost your organic reach by finding an agency that will provide you SEO services

Being a company which will be the first choice for everyone is very hard nowadays, since in order to become one, you must find the best ways of providing a great service, and even more, a better product for your clients or customers. But however, many people aren’t even aware that it is the marketing which is the most important part of this job, and that without providing a good advertisement strategy, no one will be able to hear about your product and make you famous. This means that in order to build a successful business that will be in a constant growth, you must seek for good solutions, and look for a team of professionals which will take care about your professional decisions, referring to their ability to turn your ideas into a pragmatic marketing strategy. And if you are at the beginning of your own professional journey, the following short article may help you with some very basic guides

But in order to do all of the above, you must find an agency which will be in charge for most of the things. And of course, since you are planning to maintain a professional campaign which will be made mostly over social media, you should act towards becoming the first option in your area, and it can be done only by finding a team which will be in charge for the SEO strategy. Along this article we will explain you what does to term SEO refers to, and give you a couple advices which will be very useful for you when it comes to finding the best agency that will be in charge.

What does SEO means?

The short term SEO, refers to search engine optimization, which is a long-term process during which a great optimization is being maintained by a team of professionals. And if you are willing to learn more by watching a short video, you should click here and go through the main points. It is made in a way by which your posts are adjusted to be friendly with the algorithm on which most of the platforms are functioning, and by that, the usage of this type of optimization will help you maintain more organic likes, post engagements, and visits if it is a matter of a webpage. Once the procedure is done, and your team is skilled enough to take care over providing SEO friendly content, you won’t be in need of taking care over finding some other ways of getting more visitors, such as the ones linked with non-organic visitors or followers. In a fact, those followers won’t be real and the traffic won’t mean anything for your business, since it won’t be a number gained by visits from real people.


Finding the best SEO agency

If you are willing to perform a strategy which will help you a lot when it comes to the way by which this problem will be solved, you must think over hiring a team of professionals which will be in charge for this issue. And even more, by following this advice, you will be able to remain at peace when it comes to all the problems which may occur if you decide to do it on your own, just by making an online research. By hiring a team of professional, if you experience any problems with SEO, you will make sure that all of them will be gone in a short amount of time, since they will be able to perform some measures over fixing everything up in order to provide you a good service. But keep in mind that not all agencies which are dealing with optimization such as this one can help you and provide you a professional service. So by that, it is always better to make a good research before you decide to hire a certain one. This process should be done by google searching the agencies available, and seeking for some evaluations written by their previous clients. By that, you will be safe from the risk which can be followed once the agency isn’t professional enough.

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