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The Importance of Making Sure You Mac Has Antivirus Software

The modern day Internet can be a dangerous place for the average user. Between malware, Trojan horses, viruses, and just plain old scams, criminals are trying to get ahold of as much personal data as possible. For several years, it … Continue reading Continue reading

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Backup Services Guarantee Data Protection

Most people don’t concern themselves with computer backups until they lose important data because of a computer crash. When this happens, people who never considered backing up their PCs suddenly become staunch believers in a backup plan. If you’ve never … Continue reading

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How to Secure Your Journey to the Cloud

The Internet is a dangerous place for unprotected data. Between criminal groups, governments, and even disgruntled ex-employees, there is a constant threat for personal data to either be compromised or destroyed when it is hosted on the cloud. The process … Continue reading

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