3 Tips for Buying Industrial Parts

Purchasing industrial parts isn’t like purchasing garage tools or sports equipment. There’s more to consider and more to get wrong if you choose carelessly. With that in mind, here are a few basic tips for smart purchases when you’re in the market for scientific, technical or industrial goods.

1. Know Your Specs

Never buy spare parts without thorough research beforehand. What size do you need? What charge is sub-optimal but ultimately workable? Don’t try to force any parts where they don’t belong. Do your homework and buy the right product the first time.

2. Know Your Brands

There are a lot of acronyms in the scientific and industrial parts community, so make sure you know who’s who. You should be familiar with AMAT, KLA, LAM and all others with a significant stake in the biz. Even if you don’t want to buy their wares, they make a good baseline for price and functionality comparisons.

3. Consider The Type

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are generally of a higher quality than knock-off varieties, but on the flip side, knock-offs are much cheaper and easier to order. There’s no right answer when it comes to the eternal OEM debate, so think about it and decide what’s best for you.

These are just three things to keep in mind when buying industrial parts. Check out sites like GetSpares.com to learn more, and don’t be afraid to email them with questions or concerns if you need further information about their products.

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