A Brief History of the Bumper Sticker

Bumper stickers are a lot of fun. When you see a car with bumper stickers, you learn a lot about the person who is driving it. For example, you might see a bumper sticker that proudly talks about the state where the person is from. Bumper stickers will tell you about the family situation of the person in the vehicle, their political leanings, their religious beliefs, and their hopes for the future.

Bumper stickers are a great way for people to just have a little bit of fun or to express strongly held beliefs. Bumper stickers have been parts of protests, campaigns, and boycotts. Custom bumper stickers can be a great promotional tool.

While the bumper sticker itself may be a relatively new concept that only happened after the invention of the car, people putting messages on their vehicles is not new at all. Covered wagons and other pre-automobile forms of transportation were often covered with slogans. These advertisements were used to garner attention in the city and wherever the traveler would go. This early form of advertising laid the groundwork for the modern bumper sticker.

Interestingly, bumper stickers were not seen on automobile until after the year 1927. This is because before the year 1927, automobiles did not have bumpers. Then, in that year, the Model A automobile was introduced that had some additional safety measures, including bumpers. Immediately, people started to decorate their vehicle.

According to reliable sources, the first decorations that were put on a bumper were not stickers at all. Instead, they were flag-like slogans that were attached with string or wired to the car’s bumper. Then, in 1940, Forrest Gill was credited with making the first bumper sticker that used an adhesive to get the image to stick to the vehicle.

The first bumper sticker was designed to be a custom tourist attraction. At first, bumper stickers were made from paper. But it is understandable why that didn’t last. Paper is not that sturdy. So people started making bumper stickers out of vinyl. Up until 1990, most bumper stickers were screenprinted. Then, thanks to the advent of full color printing presses, bumper stickers were able to be printed on the press.

Bumper stickers are such of an important part of US history that there are are now movements where people are trying to save old bumper stickers. Really, the bumper sticker has been an integral part of modern American history.

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