Extra Steps to Keep a Home Safe from Fire

Almost everyone has had a run in with a fire scare. Whether an oven was left on all night, a fireplace was left roaring, or a pot caught on fire, the thought that a house fire could have started is enough to scare anyone half to death. A few simple changes to the home and daily schedule can give a homeowner some peace of mind.

Removing Unsupervised Space Heaters from Carpeted Areas

Space heaters are wonderful when a cold blast hits. However, they’re not too safe in a carpeted area. As long as a space heater is being supervised while in use, everything should be just fine. However, a space heater should never be left in a carpeted room when there are no alert people nearby.

Checking Appliances before Bed

Each night before going to sleep, the last person awake in the home should do a quick walk around. The oven should be checked to see that it is completely off; the burners should be as well. Fireplaces should be out and cool to the touch. Excess lights should be turned off, and care should be taken to sniff out any burning smells. This includes both burning from the central unit, or any melting wire/plastic smells. Candles should be blown out, and unused electronics should be unplugged and turned off.

Outdoor Safety Checks

People commonly overlook outdoor fire risks to the home, as they don’t realize how common they truly are. Fire pits should always be extinguished before they are left alone, with all surrounding foliage being soaked with a hose to discourage any stray sparks. Local fire hydrant testing should occur regularly, so it is a great idea to inquire about the test results of a nearby fire hydrant through the local fire department. Outdoor tools should be unplugged from external outlets, and tools should never be used during active lightning storms.


As extra precaution, smoking should never take place within the home. As cigarette use declines, more and more smoking takes place outside. Tipped ashtrays, tired smokers, and misplaced butts are very big fire risks. Outdoor cigarette butt tubs should be filled with cat litter and located on a cement surface to reduce the risk of fire.

Losing a home in a fire is a tragic, traumatic event a family should never have to suffer through. Many fires are 100% preventable, but the families may barely escape with their lives. Fire safety helps to keep loved ones and treasured belongings out of harm’s way.

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