Getting Your Business Domain Registered Early

To protect your intellectual property, you may wish to consider claiming your own domain name. A good domain name can clearly tell customers who you are, what you do and make it easy to find you on the Internet. Getting your domain name as soon as possible enables you to get a name that is easy to type in and doesn’t require dashes or numerals.

It is important to get a domain that only requires letters because that is the name that customers know you as. If a customer has to type in instead of, your customers may find a competitor or get a 404 error message. This could lead to fewer people buying goods online or becoming aware of your brand and its message.

Canadian domain name registration allows you to be the only site on the Internet in Canada with a particular name as well as the .CA at the end of it. If another company or person wants your domain, they will have to pay you for it. In most cases, it won’t be worth doing so and your name will belong to you unchallenged.

The domain registration .CA is familiar to most people in Canada as well as other countries around the world. This means that you can use it as the extension to your domain and others will find it with ease if they are from outside of the country.

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