How We Get Free Electricity on Our Texas Rate Plans in the Evenings

My friend told me he gets free electricity in the evenings. I thought it was some kind of gimmick, so I ignored him. Then he was telling me about it all the time. He was saying how they run the dishwasher, clothes washer and the clothes dryer during the free time for electricity. He said that since he has an electric hot water tank, they make sure to take their showers and have the water heat back up in the free time too. He told me I could see the plan online at for myself.

Well, there is a rate plan to save money on your monthly electric bill that has a better per kilowatt hour rate than we were getting, and they do offer free electricity from 8PM to 5AM. I could not believe it. You have to see if the new rate plan works for you. There is a mobile app to let you track how much free electricity you are getting each month too. The online thing showed people getting up to 40 percent of their electricity every month for free. We are gone from the house by 5 every morning, and do not get back until early evening. We wait until 8 to do most of the electricity heavy things we do, and we got about 65 percent of our monthly electricity for free. It all depends on your schedule. There was no one here during the day on the weekdays to use electricity, so we saved money.

The water heater tank is in a closet off from the bathroom, and I have a routine of turning it way down until 8 PM. No sense of just reheating water we are not even using during the day. That has saved a lot on our electricity jumping us up to almost 70 percent free electricity per month on this rate plan. Even if you do not do any planning or stuff like we do, you can save money.

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