Don’t Let Your Industrial Blenders Break Down!

The Right Equipment

As any business owner knows, to have a successful and profitable business, you have to spend money to make money. They don’t go on to say where you should be spending that money. Items like rent and advertisement are a given, but where else should you be investing your money? If your business requires heavy equipment like industrial blenders, then you may want to consider putting aside a decent sum to ensure that you’re purchasing top quality equipment. If you try to cut corners and procure cheaply made equipment, before long, you’re going to be faced with a breakdown or malfunction. Not only will this cost you money to repair, but you’ll also be losing out on sales, and if the repairs take long enough, you may even notice your customers and clients choosing someone else over your own products.

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To ward off this potential financial ruin, you need to search for a reputable company which provides top-notch equipment. Following the industrial blender example, you may wish to look into AIM Blending Technologies. Reputation and experience are everything when it comes to quality, and it just so happens that AIM is celebrating its 28th year as a World Class leader in their class of business. They understand the importance of durable equipment that will last for years, and so are devoted to crafting quality pieces that a business–and they–can be proud of to use and sell. For those who prefer to use ribbon blenders, AIM can even take a look at your specifications and craft you a piece just for you.

In fact, their engineers know a lot of the problems that business owners face when it comes to industrial blenders. As a result, they are in a key position to understand any problems the business owner comes to them with and have the know-how to be able to create solutions that will get the business owner and their business back up and running. Invest in the equipment that best serves you.

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3 Facts About PVD Coating

If you’ve never heard of physical vapor deposition (PVD), you’re in for a potentially game-changing experience. It’s used in a wide variety of industries for an endless amount of products, and it can be a boon to your own business, too.

But what if you’re brand-new to the world of PVD technology? What do you need to know about it before you move forward? Here are just a few fun facts about PVD.

1. It describes a very specific process.

PVD is a vacuum deposition method that creates thin, film-like coatings over various surfaces. It isn’t always visible; some of the layers are measured in nanometers and micrometers. There are several different subsets of PVD, including “sputtering” and “evaporation,” and you’ll probably need to research them if you plan on buying PVD equipment of your own. One type might suit your business better than the other.

2. It was invented by the military.

PVD was originally used for cannons. Not only did it prolong their lives by giving them a protective outer layer, but it also reduced friction and spin as they shot out cannonballs. Over time, people started applying PVD processes to non-military items as well, and the practice took off until it became what it is today.

3. You’ve probably seen or touched PVD before, even if you didn’t realize it.

PVD is used in so many different fields that it’s become a vital part of general manufacturing processes. You’ve probably touched a lot of items that were coated with PVD materials. For example, PVD is often used in conjunction with anti-fingerprint coating because it reduces smears and tears on things that get touched a lot. If you’ve ever put your fingers on an elevator button or industrial machine, you might have touched PVD.

These are just a few things that might help you understand physical vapor deposition. It’s a fascinating process, and what’s more, it’s a useful one for business owners. Go ahead and check out some PVD companies. You might be interested in hiring them to coat <i>your</i> next batch of products!

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Three Things to Look for When Buying an Extruder

Extruders are tools designed for products that must use a certain type of material like PVC that it uses to create pipes and other products for clients. When the time comes to purchase a new one for your existing factory or one for the factory that you just started, you need to look at three important things to ensure that you purchase the right one.


The first thing that many factory owners consider is price because they already know how much they can afford to spend on one of these tools. You may want to take a look at your operating budget or machinery budget first to determine how much you can spend on an extruder. Contacting the companies that make and sell these tools helps you see how much a base model costs and the price of larger and more efficient models. This makes it easier for you to find one that fits your budget. Some factory owners may want to consider a slightly used extruder too.

Cooling Capabilities

Always look at the cooling capabilities available and find out what cooling features come with each model. Many use a cooling tower, which is important for a few different reasons. As the material comes out of the extruder, it comes out at a high temperature that can actually burn or otherwise injure those who do not pay attention. The cooling tower helps bring down the temperature of the material quickly, which makes it easier to handle. This also reduces the risk of burns and other injuries that can occur when employees work around the material. You may want to look for built-in features like a heat controller too.


No matter what industry you work in, you know that lubrication is important. Whether you use a water-based or oil-based lubrication, you know that this liquid keeps things moving smoothly. Not only does lubrication make you factory run smoother, but it can also reduce the risk of accidents happening around the workplace too. As you look at different extruders, check for those that come with a line lubricator. This makes it easier to apply the liquid when needed to keep your materials, products and employees safe. When shopping for a new PVC extruder for your factory, make sure that you look at the price and features like lubrication options and its cooling capabilities.

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The Importance of a SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are tiny but important data type files. These data files directly connect an encrypted code or key which helps to both protect as well as organize certain files. SSL Certificates must be properly installed on web servers. Once the SSL Certificates are installed they must be properly coded for id purposes and the connection must be secured. You can conduct a quick test to make certain that everything was installed properly. If the web server directly connects to the browser, then you know that everything was done correctly.

When a SSL Certificate is installed you must use a correct server or host name in order to connect to certain web sites that may have restrictions. In addition, it is important that you are aware of any new, changed or updated passwords to gain access to highly secured web sites or confidential internal information.

SSL Certificates are almost always used during secured credit card transactions. In addition, certificates of this nature also used during data transfers and when browsing social networking and other related web sites. SSL Certificates serve a useful purpose especially within a high-tech environment.

Essentially SSL Certificates quickly bind domain names as well as specific geographic location. Once this certificate is correctly installed on a computer network it is then referred to as http. When using the Internet, you can many times distinguish a secure web site from a non-secure web site. A secure web site many times will have a tiny green shaded bar in the upper corner.

*Other Certificate Types & their function:

There are also “Extended Validation” SSL Certificates. Essentially, “Extended Validation” means that you are operating a computer network through more security. Therefore, your identity as well as the integrity of any data transmitted is receiving a higher level of security as well as priority. In addition, when using “Extended Validation” every inquiry or computer transaction is automatically backed-up in case any data is lost or compromised.

Certificates that provide higher level of security and protection are many times used by Government agencies such as the FBI as well as the DEA. These agencies deal with highly confidential as well as confidential information that must be protected at all costs.

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