The Importance of Making Sure You Mac Has Antivirus Software

The modern day Internet can be a dangerous place for the average user. Between malware, Trojan horses, viruses, and just plain old scams, criminals are trying to get ahold of as much personal data as possible.

For several years, it was not considered necessary to use an antivirus for Mac OSX. The reason for this was two-fold. The first being that the operating system was not running on enough hardware to be a tempting target for digital thieves. The second lies in the UNIX-derived architecture, which severely restricts the ability for software to run without the user’s explicit consent.

While both of these reasons still hold water, there are now numerous reasons why it is vital to use an antivirus program on the Mac.

Network Security

It is not uncommon for the average home to have several computers, often running different operating systems. This creates the possibility for one computer to serve as an access point, through which malware can spread to other computers.

A perfect example is when someone downloads a video that includes a virus. On a Mac, this virus would not work. However, when it is sent across the home network to a Windows computer, the virus can become active.

Taking this one step further, if the virus is found on the PC and dealt with, it is possible for the virus to come back if the original file is not taken care of. That can only happen on the first computer the file was on.

Scripting Language Attacks

Malware comes in more than one form. A common trick utilized by virus builders is to exploit whole in scripting languages utilizes on multiple platforms. The often-derided scripting language, Java, is a perfect example of this.

Java is explicitly designed to make seamless programs that will run on any devices. In addition, there is often a strong connection between Java programs and a web browser. If a malicious developer is able to take advantage of this, then rest assured he will.

Jail-Broken Apps

Pirating software has been a common practice for so long, it is considered one of the hallmarks of the current age. The problem arises when someone offers a compromised application, loaded with malware.

There is no way to tell of a program has a virus or spyware if it has not been scanned. An antivirus program is one of the most effective tools to keeping this from striking the average user.


An antivirus tool is capable of protecting more than one computer, when utilized properly. By leveraging the inherent security features of the Mac platform, it is possible to create one of the most effective digital shields possible in the home.

As this operating system becomes more popular, individuals will be constantly looking for exploits to use to get ahold of victim’s personal information. That is why it is vital to obtain protection now, rather than wait until a major event occurs.

There are numerous options available, including several free and open source tools available through online marketplaces and open source websites.

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