Understanding B2B Marketing Automation Software

B2B marketing automation software is used by marketing departments to automate many of the different daily marketing tasks. When you automate these, you free up time for your marketing department to tackle much larger tasks that are critical to increase sales and obtain and retain customers. You will run the software so you get to choose what is automated and what is not so you are always aware of what is being done. You can have your marketing team keep an eye on the software each day to ensure that it is doing everything that it is supposed to. This will aid in streamlining your marketing process and it also makes things easier for your sales team because they can get things done a lot faster. Using good software, such as that fromĀ B2B marketing , so that you can be confident that tasks are getting done.

How Does Marketing Automation Software Work?

This type of software has three primary functions and these include:

  • Managing different marketing campaigns
  • Organizing your data and adequate customer storage
  • Creating and analyzing marketing campaigns and customers

When you are using a fully developed system, you will be able to glean information about all marketing process elements, including:

  • Sales effectiveness
  • Lead nurturing
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Lead generation
  • Demand generation
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead management
  • Campaign analysis

Looking at the Different Types of Marketing Automation Software

When it comes to marketing automation software, there are three classifications, including:

  • Advanced workflow automation software: This will take your internal marketing processes and automate them. It can help with a variety of things, such as digital asset creation, budgeting and planning, internal collaboration, marketing calender, things that support operation efficiency and workflow and approvals.
  • Marketing intelligence software: This is when tracking codes are used to learn more about how customers behave when checking emails, social media and webpages. You can take this data and better target prospects to increase your chances of making a sale.
  • Marketing automation software: This takes qualified leads and sends them over to your sales team. It helps to streamline the process so that your sales team always has leads to follow up on and your marketing team can tackle the much larger marketing projects. This structures the email marketing and sales process together.
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